Get Compensated After a Dog Bite Injury

Find a personal injury lawyer in Kennewick, WA

Find a personal injury lawyer in Kennewick, WA

Have you suffered a gruesome dog bite injury? Dog bites can cause seriously damage to your face, legs, head or neck. Those who are even more unlucky require stitches or further medical treatment. You shouldn’t be held responsible for paying the medical bills due to someone’s negligence.

If you’ve suffered a dog bite injury, reach out to Pechtel Law PLLC right away. I’m Adam R. Pechtel, an experienced lawyer focusing on civil litigation in Kennewick, Washington. Get in touch with my law office today to schedule a free consultation about your injury.

You aren’t responsible for your dog bite injury

That liability falls on the dog’s owner. If you’re injured by a dog, it’s important to report the incident to the police immediately and to seek appropriate medical care. Then, contact my law office to get started on your personal injury case. Call 509-586-3091 now.