About Michelle Nando

Ms. Michelle Nando joined Pechtel Law PLLC in October 2017. Born in Mexico and graduating high school in California, Ms. Nando brings a diverse experience to helping the clients of Pechtel Law PLLC. She speaks Spanish fluently. Previously, Ms. Nando worked as a tax consultant with Velocity Tax Services and as a sales and leasing consultant with McCurley Integrity Dealerships. Ms. Nando was selected for her current position with Pechtel Law PLLC from over 100 applicants.

Ms. Nando enjoys swimming, hiking, and trying new restaurants. She looks forward to exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Ms. Nando brings a cheerful exuberance to the law firm of Pechtel Law PLLC. She is committed to ensuring every client is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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